Spy Cobra Deluxe


Extremely useful and highly covert, the SpyCobra is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids' computer activities, employers who want to monitor their employees' productivity, or private investigators gathering information. The SpyCobra is a covert computer logging device that is a giant leap forward in spy technology.

The Spy Cobra Deluxe is the Deluxe version of our most popular PC monitoring software. In addition to monitoring keystrokes and taking screenshots like the Spy Cobra, this Deluxe version now emails you all of the logged information, so you can access it remotely.

Please note: It is strongly advised that you make a backup of the admin.exe file somewhere on our PC in case it is accidentally erased. You can than simply copy and paste it back onto the spy cobra drive later if required.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you disable the computers anti-virus protection before inserting into the USB port.


  • Deluxe version exclusive feature: Emails all logged information for remote access
  • Can be used to monitor up to five computers at once
  • Records keystrokes exactly as they are typed (case sensitive)
  • Records screenshots at either set intervals, or when certain keywords are typed
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Vista SP1, and Windows 7 (not Mac compatible)
  • Undetectable by most anti-spyware software
  • Locally stored data is strongly encrypted with a unique key for each device
  • Drive capacity: 4GB


  • Spy Cobra Deluxe 4GB Drive
  • Instructions
spy cobra deluxe

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