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Spy Video & Audio Equipment
(Hidden Spy Video Camera Recorders)

Get the evidence needed to stop those who want to harm you physically, financially, and emotionally. Please check your state privacy laws in regards to voice and video recordings. human hair wigs

  • All Our Products Carry a 1 Year Warranty on Defective Items
  • We  Have An  A+ Better Business Bureau Trust Grade

Body Worn / Carry On Spy Video Recorders
(Captures & Records Video on Device)

Button Camera

Button Camera - $99.95

Hat Camera

Hat Camera- $169.95

Key Chain Camera

Key Chain Camera - $109.95

Bluetooth Hidden Camera

Bluetooth Camera $99.95

Sunglasses Camera

Sunglasses Camera - $199.95

Key Chain Night Vision Camera

Key Chain Night Vision Camera - $149.95

Pen Spy Video Recorders
(Captures & Records Video on Device)

PI Top Choice

Pem Camera Pro

16 GB 1080P Pro Pen Camera - $189.95

Pen Camera Economy

Pen Camera Economy Recorder $79.95

Pen Camera HD

8 GB HD Pen Camera - $149.95


Motion Activation Pen Camera - $169.95

Watch Cameras & Watch Night Vision Cameras
(Captures & Records Video on Device)

Silver Night Vision Watch Hidden Camera

Silver Night Vision Watch Camera 8GB - $189.95


Black Night Vision Watch Camera 8GB - $189.95

Spy Audio Recorders
(Captures Audio Only)

USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder

40 Hr Flash Drive Voice Recorder - $49.95

Pen Voice Recorder

142 Hr Pen Voice Recorder - $109.95

Key Fob Voice Recorder

Key Fob Voice Recorder - $99.95

Economy Home / Office Camcorders
(Captures and Records Video on Device)

Plug In Adapter Hidden Camera

Plug In Adapter Camera

Mini Travel Clock Camera

Mini Travel Clock Camcorder $149.95

Computer Mouse Camera

Computer Mouse Camera

Hook Camera

Hook Camcorder

Deluxe Clock Camera

Deluxe Clock Camera

Thermometer Camera

Thermometer DVR Camera

Mini Clock Camera

Mini Clock Camcorder

TV Remote Hidden Camera

TV Remote DVR Camera

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