Hidden Cameras

Is someone threatening, cheating, harassing, or stalking you? Get the evidence you need to stop those people who want to do you harm physically, financially, and emotionally. (Please check your local state privacy laws in regards to voice and video recordings.)

  • All our hidden cameras carry a 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on defective items.
  • All the hidden cameras on this page contain built in recording capabilities (no need for separate DVR)
  • Choose between Professional Wifi, Advanced 4K DVR, or Economy Cameras.
  • All hidden camera purchases on this page include FREE standard shipping

Hidden Cameras with built in DVRs
Recorder & camera hidden inside item - audio optional

air freshner hidden camera 2
tissue box hidden camera 2

Freshener Hidden Camera (battery) - $279

Tissue Box Hidden Camera (battery) - $249

Book Hidden Camera
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (battery) - $279

Book Hidden Camera (battery) - $249

Mini Clock Hidden Wifi amera

Mini Clock Hidden Wifi Camera (plug in)- $169


Plug In Adapter Hidden Camera - $159

Hidden Wifi Cameras + built in DVRs
Record & view video audio live from the web.

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

Alarm Clock Wifi Camera Night Vision (plug in) - $379

Air Purifier Hidden Camera 5

Air Purifier Wifi Camera
Night Vision (plug in) - $379

plant hidden camera 2

Plant Hidden Wifi Camera
 (plug in) - $359

Fan Hidden Camera 3

Fan Hidden Wifi Camera
Night Vision (plug in) - $379

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera 3

Smoke Detector Wifi Camera
Night Vision (wired) - $379

Lamp Hidden Camera

Lamp Hidden Wifi Camera
 (plug in) - $379

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