Sleuthgear Defender Bug Sweep Detector


Do you think your home, office, or car is being bugged? Find out quickly with the advanced new "Defender" Personal Bug Sweep Detector. Get the Defender for maximum protection against the latest technology advances in wireless eavesdropping and hidden cameras. This portable hand held device detects wired and wireless cameras, wireless mics, audio transmitter bugs, video transmitter bugs, all wireless/transmitter bugs, and GPS tracking (only when transmitting signal). It also includes a camera detector that allows visual detection of any hidden camera (not just wireless) by looking through the viewing port and scanning any room. Get the SleuthGear Defender today and protect your privacy!

Radio Frequency Response 10MHz ~ 8GHz

Detection device unit
Lens finder attachment
9V Battery
Quick start guide and instructions

SIZE: 3 1/2" x 2" x 1" 

Sleuthgear Defender

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